Damn! Now I’m late again. I should really start sleeping at exactly 12 midnight! Damn!

Smart Bro in Sapido

Was finally able to configure Sapido GR-1222 to connect to internet via a Smart Bro usb stick last night. You just have to input the correct settings into the admin interface of the router.

Always On from Smart

I have just subscribed to Always On 300 from Smart. I just went out to tell you that using the 3G to browse from the laptop really consumes a lot of bandwidth. So it’s just really suitable for mobile internet, for your phone alone, using apps to access the net. Otherwise, be prepared to pay a higher bill on your cellular data usage!

Huawei E583c

Just bought the huawei e583c for P6,200 complete with an extra battery and an antenna for a total of P7,800.

Unfortunately, the antenna seems not to add value to its main device. It doesn’t seem to increase the number of bars in the signal of the 3G to Wifi device. I can’t really test of it evwn makes surfing faster.

I just hope they were a good buy!

Robust Bought

Just bought Robust today. Problem is to whom am I gonna try it, though. I wanted to share unboxing photos of the same. See below:

Gotta really try that in order to better compare it to MS for Mail Tablet.